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Metal caissons and baskets

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Base price: 448,57 €
Sales price: 314,00 €
Painted steel containers for industry sector uses. Dimensions from 650x700 to 800 x 1700...
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Base price: 1.414,28 €
Sales price: 990,00 €
Container for the collection of scrap, lifted by forklift or davit. Opening bottom.
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Wheeled stainless steel container

Sales price: 495,00 €
Professional container in AISI 304 stainless steel for the storage of raw materials....
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Base price: 750,00 €
Sales price: 525,00 €
Dribble truck with drawer for drips, drain valve, liquid collection tank, carry-documents ...
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Base price: 1.957,14 €
Sales price: 1.370,00 €
Safety work bucket for extraordinary maintenance lifted by forklift truck. New!
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Base price: 1.075,00 €
Sales price: 860,00 €
Toolbox for vehicles with dimensions 595x1780x550h mm. New
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Containers with opening bottom - FPCFA Series

Sales price: 1.360,00 €
Containers with opening bottom for industrial and urban waste collection. Load 1000 -...
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Metal waste collection containers

Sales price: 3.560,00 €
Outdoor hermetic metal containers for waste and production scrap storage. Capacity up to 12...
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Tilting mesh boxes

Call for price
Tilting boxes in mesh for the collection of dry waste such as paper or foam. New
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Tool holders containers FP B350-351

Base price: 775,00 €
Sales price: 620,00 €
Tool boxes useful for storing work tools and material for the construction site. New
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Tool box FP B345

Base price: 437,50 €
Sales price: 350,00 €
Tool box useful for storing work materials in construction sites and industries. New
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Cassoni in rete

Call for price
Cassoni in rete per la raccolta di scarti di peso ridotto ma ingombranti come carta o...
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Hermetic stackable containers

Call for price
Stackable hermetic boxes for the collection and storage of waste materials. New
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Tilting hermetic container

Call for price
Hermetic tilting container with 850 kg load and 1000 liter capacity. New
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Openable bottom containers FP-PL1/2

Call for price
Boxes with opening bottom with single or double door. Load 1300-1400-2000 Kg. New
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