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Cisterns: storage and emptying

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1000 lt tanks for food or approved

Sales price: 420,00 €
Tank capacity 1000 liters available in food version or ADR/ONU approved. New
Product details

ADR/UN approved tanks

Sales price: 820,00 €
ADR/UN approved tanks suitable for the transport of chemical products. Available in...
Product details

PE containment tanks

Sales price: 915,00 €
Single and double containment tanks for storage and emptying of 1000 liter cisterns....
Product details

Modular IBC and drums tanks

Sales price: 670,00 €
PE modular tanks for IBC, pallets and drums. Load capacity 1600 kg per module.New
Product details

1000 l polyethylene IBCs

Sales price: 1.175,00 €
Tanks made entirely of polyethylene suitable for the transport and storage of food products or...
Product details

Metal tanks for cisterns

Base price: 1.421,43 €
Sales price: 995,00 €
Metal tanks for 1000 liter cisterns. Suitable for 1 or 2 cisterns. New
Product details

Tanks for cisterns with perch

Base price: 1.850,00 €
Sales price: 1.295,00 €
Metal tanks for 1000 liter cisterns with perch. Suitable for 1 or 2 tanks. New
Product details

Closet for storing small tanks FPB1C

Sales price: 2.325,00 €
PE closet with collection tank for the storage of 1000 liter tanks containing dangerous...
Product details

Outdoor storage cistern deposit

Base price: 5.421,43 €
Sales price: 3.795,00 €
Outdoor storage, suitable for storing a 1000 liter cistern with openable top.
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Shelves for 4 IBC tanks

Base price: 6.228,57 €
Sales price: 4.360,00 €
Tanks for the storage of 4 cisterns with a capacity of 1000 liters. Available in tank or shelving...
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