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compressori a secco alta capacità
compressori a secco alta capacità
compressori italiani
compressori capacità 90 litri
compressori professionali non lubrificati
Oil free-compressors
compresores no lubricados

Professional dry compressors FPGE-L

Robust and professional compressors with dry mechanical. 90 liters tanks.
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Professional dry compressors FPGE-L
FPC 330/100Compressor with 90 liters tank. - power 2.2 Kw
1.795,71 €
1.257,00 €
1.533,54 €
FPC 660/100Compressor with 90 liters tank - power 2,2+2,2 Kw
3.180,00 €
2.226,00 €
2.715,72 €
  • Description

Series of rugged and professional compressors with dry mechanical. They work without the need for lubricating oil and are equipped with double control manometer for tank pressure and air output, manual pressure regulator of outlet air and ON-OFF button. The FPGE dry compressors are developed exclusively for professional applications and deliver high reliability and continuous operation. Thanks to the self-lubricating mechanical, worldwide patented, FPGE compressors provide approximately up to 5000 hours of use without maintenance, guaranteed even below freezing.

• Application-oriented use
The design of FPGE compressors has been conceptualized keeping in mind principally the work requirements of the user. Frequently, work conditions can be difficult and less than optimal. The ease in which these compressors can be moved and transported is a fundamental product development feature for FPGE. 

• Guaranteed reliability
In addition to the painstaking selection of materials and the use of motors that were exclusively designed for FPGE, the company has decided to manufacture, assemble, and pilot test in Italy the entire line of compressors. This decision guarantees a higher quality at each phase of development and production, both for individual components as well as the fi nal product.Oil-free, coaxial FPGE compressors are suitable for products that fall in the professional category and that use high-consumption air tools. A perfect blend of absolute reliability and high performance effi ciency.
The integrated technology in FPGE's oil-free compressors permits very demanding performances in applications such as painting, sandblasting, fastening, repairs, wood-working, etc. In addition, it frees the user from having to be concerned about maintenance, and insteadconcentrate on optimizing human and economic resources.

• Oil-less
• Maintenance free
• Maximum portability
• Class of utilization S1 continuous work
• Low RPM
• Made in Italy


FPC 330/100

FPC 660/100


2,2 Kw - 3,00 Hp

2,2+2,2 Kw - 3+3 Hp


1400 rpm

1400 rpm


90 lt

90 lt

Max pressure

10 bar

10 bar

Air intake

330 L/min

660 L/min

Air yield

200 L/min

400 L/min


80 dB (A)

85 dB (A)

Dimensions (mm)



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