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Warehouse equipment

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Drum for building

Base price: 300,00 €
Sales price: 195,00 €
Drum for building , recommended for lifting by crane
Product details

Nippers FV0287

Base price: 64,71 €
Sales price: 55,00 €
Wire nipper built in CR-V steel, ideal for cutting iron particulars.
Product details

Cutter FV-1706

Sales price: 4,99 €
Cutter with retractable 18 mm blade and steel blade guide. New
Product details

Spray paint trolley FPLM 132

Sales price: 52,00 €
Striper trolley to draw lines or signs in excavations, parkings, industries and various plant types...
Product details

Bolt cutters/shear for mesh FPAM 950

Sales price: 190,00 €
Bolt cutters/shears for electro-welded concrete mesh. New
Product details


Sales price: 105,00 €
Tie rod with pliers suitable to move crates and pallets when they are in uncomfortable positions...
Product details


Base price: 119,00 €
Sales price: 107,10 €
Waste trolley in painted steel. Practical light and handy. New on offer
Product details

Tape striper for floor FPTA 100

Sales price: 115,00 €
Tape striper for floors. For tape with mm 75 core. And width up to 100 mm.
Product details

Self-retracting extension cord

Sales price: 162,00 €
Extension cord with 10 m cable New
Product details

Industrial brooms for forklift

Sales price: 1.740,00 €
Polypropylene forkable industrial brooms with forklift.New
Product details

Magnetic brooms for lifters

Sales price: 3.750,00 €
Magnetic brooms for forklift with plate for collecting metal parts. New
Product details

Electric tow FPSM 1000

Sales price: 3.400,00 €
Electric tow for caissons with capacity 1000 kg. New
Product details

Vaccum lifter VPL

Base price: 8.400,00 €
Sales price: 7.560,00 €
Vacuum power lifter with suction pads for lifting sacks and boxes, sheet wood and metal, panels and...
Product details

Extensions for forklift forks FP-PRL B

Sales price: 1.000,00 €
Extensions for forklift forks. Certified. New
Product details

Hydraulic Press FP25CS

Base price: 12.500,00 €
Sales price: 11.875,00 €
Powerful hydraulic press 25 tons to drastically reduce the volume of processing waste consisting of...
Product details

Presses for laundries FP-PMA

Sales price: 4.380,00 €
Pneumatic press with welding system for the packaging of compressible materials. New model
Product details
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