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carrello spargisale per industria
carrello spargisale per industria
manual salt spreader for yards
tow salt spreader 250 kg load

FP professional salt spreaders cart

Salt spreaders cart ideal for parking lots and local roads.
Models and features
480,00 €
1.030,00 €
2.310,00 €
3.095,00 €
Product Name Description Price Price with VAT Quantity
FP professional salt spreaders cart
FP B25Salt spreaders cart - Capacity load 25 kg
480,00 €
585,60 €
FP B50Salt spreaders cart - Capacity load 50 kg
1.030,00 €
1.256,60 €
FP B150Salt spreaders cart - Capacity load 150 kg
2.310,00 €
2.818,20 €
FP B250Salt spreaders cart - Capacity load 250 kg
3.095,00 €
3.775,90 €
  • Description

Salt spreading trolley ideal for avoiding the formation of ice on courtyards, sidewalks and yards. Can also be used as a fertilizer spreader for agriculture. It is robust and practical, with a tubular frame equipped with wheels. Available with 25, 50 and 150 Kg capacity. The FP B25 and FP B50 models can be moved manually while the FP B150 and FP B250 models are equipped with a rudder to be towed by an industrial trolley. Designed for use with all types of salt, gravel salt or just gravel.

Available in the following models:
FP B25: manual salt spreader with 25 kg capacity
FP B50: manual salt spreader with a capacity of 50 Kg
FP B150: towing salt spreader with a capacity of 150 Kg
FP B250: towing salt spreader with a capacity of 250 Kg


FP B25

FP B50

FP B150

Load Capacity

25 Kg

50 Kg

150 Kg

Distribution Unity

gear transmission INOX

worm gear reducer

gear transmission INOX

Spreading system

Rotating plate,Inox special activator 


1-4 Km/h

1-4 Km/h

10-15 Km/h

Spreading width

1-4 m

1-5 m

6 m2

Areas treatable with a full hopper

400-625 m2

550-1000 m2

1500-3000 m2

Empty weight

10 Kg

22 Kg

65 kg

Upper cover






Inflatables and clawed


Dosage controls on the handlebar 




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