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Underpriced and discontinued

This category will include particularly discounted equipment, below cost or end of series. Usually they are products that have never been used, in limited quantities and inserted below cost to free up space in the warehouse. All products are covered by a warranty and spare parts are always available. In the data sheet it will be possible to see the reason for the reduced price and it will be possible to view all the real photos of the equipment. We are always available for any questions and for more information. On all models with the red sticker no further discounts are applicable for any reason.

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TSM 302 thermosealer

Base price: 2.950,00 €
Sales price: 1.770,00 €
Thermo-sealing machine suitable to pack pre-stirred trays using top sealing film. Max. size mm. 195...
Product details


Base price: 1.821,43 €
Sales price: 1.275,00 €
Vacuum packaging machine with 2 sealing bars mm 400. Standing on a wheeled base, built in...
Product details


Base price: 2.720,00 €
Sales price: 2.448,00 €
Lifter for pallet with manual traction and battery lifting. 1000 Kg of load. Maximum height...
Product details

Bagging machine FP 100AX

Base price: 12.500,00 €
Sales price: 10.000,00 €
New doser and vertical bagging
Product details

FP ESE 20/5 pallet truck

Sales price: 250,00 €
Standard hydraulic pallet trucks. Forks 1150 mm, width 540 mm, capacity 2000 Kg. On...
Product details


Base price: 950,00 €
Sales price: 760,00 €
Vertical cutter for cutting paper, corrugated cardboard, polyethylene film, polyethylene bubbles,...
Product details

Double horizontal cutters - BD series

Base price: 780,00 €
Sales price: 624,00 €
Double horizontal cutters for two rolls, suitable for cutting paper, corrugated cardboard,...
Product details

Horizontal cutters BD series

Base price: 550,00 €
Sales price: 440,00 €
Horizontal cutters for cutting paper, corrugated cardboard, polyethylene bubbles, polyethylene...
Product details

BD Series - Tabletop

Base price: 312,00 €
Sales price: 249,60 €
Horizontal cutters suitable for mounting on work table. The roll holder is not included. On...
Product details

PD Series - Toothed - Horizontal

Base price: 70,00 €
Sales price: 56,00 €
The horizontal cutters are very inexpensive and allow easy cutting of paper or aluminium rolls with...
Product details

PD Series - Toothed - Vertical

Base price: 95,00 €
Sales price: 76,00 €
These vertical cutters take up little space and allow you to use reels with outer diameter max. 230...
Product details

DN 210 24/50 LITERS

Base price: 287,00 €
Sales price: 143,50 €
Traditional lubricated compressor. Highly versatile thanks to its 2 Hp. Power 2 Hp. Capacity 24-50...
Product details

ring box (eco) horizontal ring wrappers

Base price: 6.500,00 €
Sales price: 5.200,00 €
Horizontal ring wrappers with automatic hook/cut of the film and manual progress. End of series...
Product details

Cistern and collection tank

Base price: 340,00 €
Sales price: 238,00 €
1000 liter cistern and PE collection tank with 1150 lt capacity. Used for demonstration
Product details

Clamp sealers ME 150 HS/HD

Base price: 171,43 €
Sales price: 120,00 €
Clamp sealer, constant heat, for polyetylene or multilayer film.
Product details

Clamp sealers Series FRK - hot bar

Base price: 428,57 €
Sales price: 300,00 €
Clamp hot bar for barrier material. Available in widths mm. 200-400.
Product details

DZ 400 2T Vacuum machine

Base price: 1.700,00 €
Sales price: 1.190,00 €
Vacuum machine stainless steel with front sealing bar 400 mm. and 20 m³/h pump. Even with...
Product details

Heavy duty loading ramps H series

Base price: 255,00 €
Sales price: 204,00 €
Aluminum loading ramps with length mm. 2000-2500-3000. On offer
Product details

Drums tilter FPHK 285-A

Base price: 800,00 €
Sales price: 480,00 €
Drum turner for forklift truck with chain overturning. Capacity 360 Kg. Special...
Product details

Tacker HS21

Base price: 40,00 €
Sales price: 24,00 €
Practical hammer stapler. It uses staples series 53 with length from 6 to 10 mm.
Product details
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