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trainatore elettrico per benne con ruote
trainatore elettrico per benne con ruote
trainatore elettrico per cassoni
movimentazione cassoni
trainatore per benne ribaltabili
trainatore portata 1000 kg
facilitare movimentazione cassoni pieni
trainatore elettrico per benne con ruote
manipolazione cassoni pesanti
trainare cassoni industriali

Electric tow FPSM 1000

Electric tow for caissons with capacity 1000 kg. New
Models and features
3.400,00 €
Product Name Description Price Quantity
Electric tow FPSM 1000
FPSM 1000Electric tow with capacity Kg. 1000
3.400,00 €
  • Description

Electric tow with capacity 1000 kg. suitable for handling without effort carts, caissons and buckets equipped with wheels. The tow is equipped with a steering wheel adjustable in height with selector for the forward and reverse move and emergency device which is activated in case the hauler touches the operator during handling. With the steering button you can set the speed to "slow" and "fast"(with the hooked load use only slow speed). From the rudder you can press the beep button.
At the base of the steering wheel there are the battery level light, the ignition key and the emergency fuse for immediate shutdown (attention to residual inertia). The attachment for fixing the boxes is articulated to facilitate handling.

After braking the wheels of the caisson, turn on the tow by means of the special chuck and push the selector on the rudder forward to move the tow to the caisson to hook. Insert the tow bar into the rim of the caisson and make sure that it is firmly firm (it may be necessary to create a plate to be attached to the bucket or to the cart with a thickness such as to enter the coupling of the trainer and to ensure safe handling). Remove the brake to the caisson and push the selector backwards to begin tipping the chassis towards yourself by setting strictly the slow speed. After reaching the end position, brake the carriage and release the tow bar pushing the clamping lever down.

Use only on flat floors, do not use on ramps, slopes, disjoint surfaces. The trainer exerts its strength only in the towing function and has a limited braking effect. The inertia travel depends on the floor area and towed weight and can vary from 10 to 100 cm. Always operate in safe conditions and avoid tight spaces without escape to the operator.

Capacity Kg. 1000
Supply On battery
Engine DC 24V
Power  400W
Speed 0~6km/hour
Battery 24V/20Ah with charger from 24V/3A
Painted steel structure
Type of wheels

N° 1 steering wheel in rubber diam. 80

N° 2 of full rubber towing Ø 250 x 85 mm.

Adjustable rudder height 910~1290 mm.
Dimension whithout hook mm. 465x895x980h with handle lowered
Weight Kg. 125 with battery
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