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sollevare carichi con carrello elevatore
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heavy pallet lifting
forks hook load 2500 kg
forks hook load 5000 kg

Forks hook MKFP 250/500

Hook for forks in painted steel, capacity 2500 or 5000 kg. New on offer
Models and features
Product Name Description Price Quantity
Forks hook MKFP 250/500
MKFP 250MKFP 250 hook for forks - Load 2500 kg.
553,84 €
360,00 €
MKFP 500MKFP 500 hook for forks - Load 5000 kg.
861,54 €
560,00 €
  • Description


Fork hooks MKFP 250-500 series in painted steel. Equipped with screws for locking and rotating hook, they are suitable for insertion on forks.
WARNING: Before purchasing it is essential to ensure that your elevator is certified to lift 2500 or 5000 kg, considering installing this hook at about half the length of the fork.


MKFP 250

MKFP 500


140x660x180 mm

180x730x220 mm


2500 kg

5000 kg

Max fork section

150x60 mm

190x70 mm

Forks wheelbase

440 mm

450 mm


24 kg

45 kg

More about CE certification
The equipment is supplied complete with CE certification and manual of use and maintenance related to the sole subject of the sale. Before using the machine, the customer must check that the forklift on which the object will be installed is in compliance with all regulations, including lifting equipment and equipment. It is also responsibility of the customer to inform of any special tests that must be performed before use.
By purchasing the customer, he/she becomes aware of this information and, where necessary, undertakes to test his/her forklift truck before using it with the mounted equipment. Also remember to read the usage and maintenance manual carefully.
Ferplast is not liable for careless/unsuitable use that is done with the equipment sold.

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