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DPCV-2-DPCV-4 Doser

Sales price: 8.610,00 €
Electronic weigher with 2 or 4 channels. Ideally suited for grain and powder products,...
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Base price: 2.625,00 €
Sales price: 2.100,00 €
Volumetric dosers FP-L pneumatically operated for liquids. Available with capacities...
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Base price: 3.025,00 €
Sales price: 2.420,00 €
Volumetric dosers pneumatically operated series PPF for the dosage of sauces and creams....
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Base price: 6.187,50 €
Sales price: 4.950,00 €
Vertical auger volumetric dosing for non-sliding powders, stainless steel AISI 304...
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Dosers KFG with cups

Base price: 4.750,00 €
Sales price: 3.800,00 €
Automatic granule/powder doser with adjustable volumetric cups, stainless steel...
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Base price: 7.437,50 €
Sales price: 5.950,00 €
Electronic weighing filling machine, stainless steel AISI 304 construction, suitable for...
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CJS 25 HI doser

Base price: 12.375,00 €
Sales price: 9.900,00 €
Electronic weighing filling machine, suitable for granular products. Hopper capacity 300...
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Motorized external stainless steel hopper

Sales price: 4.550,00 €
Stainless steel hopper with motorized auger for loading product. To be combined with a doser.
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Loading hopper CSJ 25

Base price: 5.625,00 €
Sales price: 4.500,00 €
Loading hopper suitable for feeding the dispenser CSJ 25 HI in a safe and fast way. Tank height...
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Loading belt with pockets

Call for price
Loading belt suitable for loading granular products into dispensers or envelopes. New
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Pneumatic conveyor FPSVF

Sales price: 6.448,00 €
Pneumatic conveyor in STAINLESS STEEL AISI 316 to transport products in powder or grains....
Product details

Dosatore a temperatura controllata FP-CR1300

Sales price: 13.515,00 €
Dosatore con capacità di dosaggio da 50 a 1300 ml adatto per crema di nocciole....
Product details

Dosatore per liquidi FP-LIQ250

Sales price: 4.810,00 €
Dosatore con capacità di dosaggio da 5 a 250 ml adatto per prodotti a base acquosa....
Product details

Dosatore per salse e confetture FPCNF1300

Sales price: 6.116,00 €
Dosatore con capacità di dosaggio da 50 a 1300 ml adatto per salse e confetture....
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Bagging machine FP 100AX

Sales price: 12.500,00 €
New doser and vertical bagging
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