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cucitrice per sacchi
cucitrice per sacchi
bags sewing machine
cucire sacchi di mangime
cucire sacchetti di fertilizzante
couseuse pour sacs de papier
cucitrici per reti di olive
cucire sacchi in carta
cucitrice per sacchetti di riso
cucitrice per sacchi leggere e maneggevole


Sewing machine for bags, light and handy. Just 2,7 kg. Medium/high productions. On offer
Models and features
450,00 €
30,00 €
4,50 €
6,00 €
6,00 €
15,00 €
105,00 €
25,00 €
Product Name Description Price Quantity
FPGK 2701 220VSewing machine FPGK 2701 220 V supply - blue colour
450,00 €
FPGK needlesSpare needles FPGK 2700/2701 series. Box of 10 pieces
30,00 €
FPGK white wire1 roll of white thread for FPGK. 100% polyester - 1000 linear meters
4,50 €
FPGK blue wire1 roll of blue thread for FPGK. 100% polyester - 1000 linear meters
6,00 €
FPGK red wire1 roll of red thread for FPGK. 100% polyester - 1000 linear meters
6,00 €
FPGK oilSpecific lubricant oil, 125 ml for sewing machines for bags
15,00 €
FPGK balancerModel 9322 Capacity 4-6 kg Stroke 2000 mm
105,00 €
FPGK adapterAdapter that allows the use of FPMP series wire rolls
25,00 €
  • Description

Electric sewing machine for sacks model FPGK 2701 with metal and plastic structure to contain the weight and ensure maximum safety.
The models FP GK are designed for the seam of juta, paper, fabric, plastic and net bags, and they are recommended for productions up to 400/500 sacks at day.
The quality of the components guarantees high performance in every working condition and on each type of material. The weight, just 2700 gr and the ergonomic handle make it very handy.
The standard model must be connected to the electric current of 220 V.

The maximum span passage is 8 mm.
The material you can sew, if different from those listed must be low density (to avoid breaking of the needles).


FPGK 2701

Sewing speed

10 mt. per minute

Maximum thickness. of the material

Up to 8 mm (low density materials)

Maximum distance seam - bag border

mm. 55

Stitch length

mm. 8








220 V.


90 W.

N ° engine rpm

1500  rpm


mm. 330 x 320 x 220 h.


Kg. 2,7 

Functioning of sewing machine FPGK 2701

The operation is very simple. The operator holding the machine, must insert the edges of the bag in the drive system. Holding the button pressed, the machine drag the bag and then automatically make the stitching chain. The operator has only to keep aligned the seam of the bag. The distance between a point and the other is fixed. If the wire is too "pulled" or too "slack" you can adjust the tensioning using the brake. After sewing the operator must release the button and slightly tilt the machine for passing the wire in the slot on the side. Pressing again, an automatic cutter will perform the cut.

Sewing thread for FPGK 2701

Sewing thread conical neutral 100% polyester
Reel of 1000 linear meters
Each coil can sew about 300 meters of bags
Equipping the machine with the FP MP wire adapter (optional) you can use the cylindrical wire-specific for FP MP series. 

Spare needles (optional)

While purchasing the sewing machine we also recommend you to buy a box of spare needles. As a matter of fact, in case of products difficult to sew or if you are new to sewing you may break the needles. Their price is very low and purchasing additional spare needles will avoid a second order and additional shipping cost.

Balancer (optional)

The sewing machine is light and can be used even without balancer. However, the balancer allows to keep the machine at the same height without special efforts. In this way it also speeds up the sewing operation.

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