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sewing machine FPMP 85 with cutter

Robust sewing machine with power supply, battery or pneumatic. With a cutter
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Product Name Description Price
sewing machine FPMP 85 with cutter
FPMP 85-220VSewing FPMP 85 - version 220 Volt - standard
2.950,00 €
FPMP 85-12VSewing FPMP 85 - version 12 Volt
2.950,00 €
FPMP 85 PNEUSewing FPMP 85 P - pneumatic version
4.200,00 €
FPMP FILO STWhite sewing thread - 100% polyester - 1500 linear meters
6,00 €
FPMP oilSpecific lubricant oil 125 ml for sewing machines for bags
15,00 €
FPMP KTBT-12VKit inclusive of backpack, 12V battery and charger
450,00 €
FPMP KTBT-TRFKit inclusive of backpack, battery, charger and transformer from 220 to 12V
550,00 €
FPMP BT-RIC12V-9Ah spare battery. Specific for backpack
55,00 €
FPMP CB-ZNCharger for bag battery 12V-9Ah
99,00 €
FPMP TRASFTransformer from 220V (electric plant) to 12/24V (sewing machine)
200,00 €
FPMP VARFPMP speed variator (only 220V)
160,00 €
  • Description

Electric sewing machine mod. FPMP 85 (220V, 12V and pneumatic)with cutter, for the joining of fabrics heads without lateral protrusions. Also suitable for the sewing of fabric in general, paper and plasticized bags, plastic, light jute, etc. The operation with reciprocating motion with "wear" arrangement allows a very efficient grip even on high thicknesses. The machine is also suitable for the sewing of nets, such as those for the collection of olives or antihail. The machine works with standard 220 volt electric cable. It's also available in 12V that can be equipped with external battery and backpack or in pneumatic version.
For uses other than those listed please send us a test sample of your product. The very robust construction ensures high reliability, low weight makes it extremely easy to handle. 




Kg. 1,9

Stitch lenght

Up to 12 mm


single reciprocating motion, device "antiwear" with grip highly efficient even with heavy thickness



Electrical power

220 V with double insulation

Sewing capacity

thickness up to 10/12 mm.

Sewing speed

Up to 18/20 mt. min



Version 220 Volt or 12 Volt + backpack kit optional
The standard FPMP staplers are available in 220 Volt or 12 Volt.
The 220 Volt models can be used by standard 220 volt system power supply or by backpack kit with transformer (optional).
The backpack kit with a 12 Volt transformer (battery) to 220 volts (stapler) allows transporting the stapler in environments where it is not present the normal 220 volt current.

The 12 Volt models can be equipped with backpack kit with battery, charger and backpack or be powered by 12 volt already existing plant.

* Upon request sewing machines are also available in 24/48 V version (sewing machine) with its 220-volt transformer (plant). 

Wire stitching for FPMP:
The sewing thread is standard white 100% polyester
Each coil of 1500 meters can sew about 450 meters of bags
The external battery and the transformer can be purchased separately.

Spare needles and specific oil 
During purchase of the sewing machine we also recommend you to buy a box of spare needles in that, especially for the first times you sew or sewing products difficult to sew, you may break them.
The oil is, however, essential for the proper functioning of the sewing machine.

Balancer to lift equipment
The weight of this sewing machine is limited and can be used even without balancer. However, the balancer allows to keep the machine hanging at the same height without special efforts. In this way it also speeds up the sewing operation

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