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tenditore per bancali e colli

Tensioner CTMCXL50

Manual tensioner robust and reliable. for strapping band up 50 mm. It does not make the cut.
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Tensioner CTMCXL50
CTMCXL50Manual tensioner for strap up to 50 mm wide
750,00 €
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The tensioner CTMCXL50 is used to tension the strapping band (both in plastic and fabric) up to 50 mm and perform the ligature of pallets and packages through the use of metal buckles. Tensioner weight 2 Kg. The tensioner tightens the strap only and the operator have to cut the strap manually. 

The holding capacity of strap depends on material type and on strap of choice. 

Tying with metal buckle (fabric strap)
First you have to insert the buckle and wrap the strap around the pack or the pallet and then you have to insert the strap into the grooves of the tensioning device. By pressing the lever, the grooved roller rotates and the tension of the strap can be adjusted with the ratchet. When you have reached the desired tension, you have to cut the strap by using suitable pilers.

Tying by welding (plastic strap)

The binding of the plastic straps can be done with a buckle or welding. After having tightened the strap you can weld it with a vibration welder. You must then cut the remaining strapping band by using suitable pilers.


Strapping trolley
For handling and unwinding of the strap reel it is appropriate to use the special trolley.
In this way you can avoid problem when strapping band is carried out incorrectly. 

Welder for strapping
The welder is used in case you do not use metal buckles. 

Protective corners
The plastic and cardboard protective corners are used on products still to be strapped, so that the strapping tension does not damage the corners of fragile products.

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